Life is Better with A Dog

Welcome to the family, Deacon! Dogs seriously brighten life right up. We adopted him on July 4th and he is super chill, friendly and smart! He’s already made some friends in the neighborhood and is growing more each day…. Read More

Foraging for Chanterelles

In what feels like Monsoon season recently here in Charleston, we have gotten so much rain that once again, the local Chanterelle mushrooms have started popping up all over town. I’ve been picking Chanterelles in different spots around town for about… Read More

A Summer Feast

Last night I made a simple, easy and delicious supper from mostly local ingredients. Roasted Rosa Bianca eggplant, sweet white corn with basil-parmesan butter, an arugula-avocado-cucumber salad, and roast chicken with a simple spice rub put together from… Read More